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Saturday, 6 March 2010, 22:40

YO! hehe,, okaaaayy,,i am sorry for the very very very very long delay of the latest posts,,been very busy,,well,honestly,im just truly lazy to update the blog,,who would read it anyway,,ahaha,,but it's okay,,this is where i express everything to~ so,,no worriesss~ =)))

hmm,,okay! so few days back,,we started our school,,we are now officially Pre U1's! Yeayyy!! Currently I'm in the class of Pre U1/Sc 2,,I met new friends n oldies also,,then on the 6th of march,,we started our orientation in the afternoon,,it was so freaking tiring but we had fun,,right? i think we did,,haha and i can't wait for monday,,except for the talks in the morning~ and there were like 300 or is it 500++ people in the hall during that time,,im not sure,,well im pretty sure it's a LOT!

So,,that's pretty much all about it,,moving on with a new life,,new studies,,new friends,,,study hard pre U1's,,our journey starting from here will not be easy as it looks,,well,,i've never been in the situation but im sure that it's gonna be really tough~ so,,don't EVER EVER GIVE UP!

and,i wanna say GOODLUCK! to everyone n hope you'll be success in the future! aminn! =))

Sunday, 15 November 2009, 09:19

here are some of the pre-grad photos~ enjoy! =D

FINALLY RIGHT??? haha x)

okay okay,,let's start this!

First of all,,just want to say,,i update this blog because i am so freaking bored right now! HAHA! plus,,facebook-ing couldn't help me,,so yeaahhh~ A lot has been going on in my life,,with exams,,graduation n prom which will be held later on except for the exam,, can't wait! =)

YEAHH!! eventhough i have my freedom from the exams,,i am still feeling a bit bored,,just a tiny little bitty bit,,haha,,whatever! ANNNNNDDDDD we've got like 3 months holidays,,which is like REALLY AWESOMEEE!! I KNOW RIGHT?! can't believe it,,but it's R-E-A-L!! haha,, so yeahh,,n i think we're gonna have our grads on the 18th,,with prom on the 21st,,it's going to be a busy dayy,,for us form 5-ers! n FINALLY,,we're going to graduate! we were like friends from the kindergarden and BAM! we graduated,, awwwwww,,sweet memories! =D

anyhooooo~ errrrr,,i think i have some pre-grads photos in my laptop somewhere,,going to check it out later n post it here,,it was so sweeeettt~~ haha,,right naj?! HEAVEN YEAHH!! haha,,im starting to talk to myslef lately,,don't know why though,,but it's cool~~ *thumbs up* emmm,,okayy,,what else~ oh yeahh,about exams~ yeahhh,,done that! it was an okay exam,,not sure about the answers but i hope all of us going to get enough credits to continue our studies in SMSA! =D reunion again!!! n during the exam month,,we kept on going to the library to study but in the end we were gossip-ing n we met new friends too!! also old peeps! it was awesome,,mostly from pjn's~

so i think this is all i want to tell,,despite that there's this someone who i really hate the most at the moment,,i feel very happy due to the holidays,,hanging out with friends n yeahh~ it's going to end sooner or later anyway,,just wait for the ticking clock to tick,,wth? haha,,whatever!okay thenn im going to post the pictures after this~

thanks for reading! =D

Saturday, 8 August 2009, 07:55

omg! omg! omg!
HAHA!! tonight was really really FUN!! eventhough it was a little expensive,,but it was worth it,,haha,,nanti ramai2 ahhh dtngg~~ haha,, ohh yeahhh,,hafiz j~~ thanks 4 coming,,hahaha,,walaupunnn aku maksa n kau inda mau dtng n kau dtng juaaa,,,wahahahaha,,,

ehh awuuu,,kami tadi lepak d excapade,,haha,,lambatt annn~~ tadiii,,sapa saja ada ahhh,,me,,hami,,amal,,amirr,,hafiz a n j,,apekk,nur,tiong n iqbal~~ wahhhh,,c iqball kanyang makann ahhh~~ (fatso) hahaha,,nadaaawahhhh,,main2 jaaaa,,hahaha

lapas tuition jua lah kami ngaga,,dgn mmbawa buku2 skaliiii,,laaaammmmeeee rytteee,,???? ahhahah,,c amal lagi caliiiii,,HAHAHA!! merah mua nya makan raw salmonn~~ nyaman kalii ahh mal~~~ nyuuummmmm~~~ hahaha,,

n c hami lagiiii,,begduit ku ia tinggalkann bawahhh kerusiii,,hahaha,,kuang ajar ko mii~~ hahaha,,nadaawahhhh miii~~~ n sayanggg,,kami nada ambil gambarrr~~ mun urng ambil ada some people nda mauuu bergmbr wahhhh,,iaitu amirrr,,haahah,,nama nyaa jua lahh di sabut~~~~

hahaha,,okaayyylahhhh,,tu je lahhh,,saye nak ckp,,n overalll~~ it was trulyyy funnn!!! haha,, baru 1st time lepak ngn urng form 4~~~ weeeeeeeeeeee~~ hahaha,, okayyy thenn~ gtg,,pai2,,see u guys in the next postt~~

Tuesday, 4 August 2009, 07:40

okay so here goes,,

hye everyone,,first of all i wanna say sorry cuz nada update my blog for a very very long time,,hehe,,=) i just didnt have the time a.k.a lazyy,,to update it,,HAHA! jangan marah yerr hami~ weeeeeee~~ haha,,

okayyy,,these past few months,,i encountered a lot of things,,such as during holidays,,i went shopping with my family,,and practiced badminton for the upcoming tournament,,and so on,,oh yeah,,our oral o level is coming soon~ **crossed fingers** i hope i do well in this oral cuz i tend to be nervous easily during exams and i just forget everything =S

currently,,my place here kb is hazyyy,,okay is there such word?? haha,,whatever~ so,,every morning it's like full of dust particless~~ its really hard to breathe though,,but still,,my friends n i wont let that stop us from going to school~ (wah! urng rajin kali ahh!!)

okayy this time im not gonna upload any pictures because,,,,,,i have no idea where i put all of the past pictures i've taken,, haha,,i cant find them~~ maklumlahh laptop baru kaliii ahh~~ haha *wink to hami*

AND i have 2 essays to do,,i havent start anything yet =.=" bm n english lagi tuuu~~ but i'll do it,,somehow~ hehe,,sapa mau tolong,,dialu2kann~~ weeeeee~~ haha

oh yeahhh,,i wanna say thanks,,too,, to hami n amal for staying back tadiii~~ untuk makan kfc with me~~eventhough i was mad for a short time~~ but its okayyy,,~ i dont usually get mad for a long time,,only occasionally~ hehe!

n now,,im still chatting with my PRECIOUS friend~~ (precious tia karang!),,azizan~ i know he will not and will never read my blog,,if he reads it,,umm,,just dont miss my funeral arytee~~ haha,,just joking~

so,,tomorrow ada extra class bm,,baru tia kan adaaa~~ dulu2 inda mau buat~~ our former bm teacher jua lah ngajar~ =.= n oh yeahhh,,this friday,,im gonna play badminton with auni n lim n some other people,,iff jadi juaa~~ u better tell me lim!! haha,,i hope jadiii cuz i wanna play badminton so baaadd~~~

ummm,,okayy~ i think that's all i wanna say,,i wanna watch anime lagiii,,n since when i started to watch anime~ ahaha,,baruuu juaa~~ i dont know whyyyy,,it just started~~ hahah,,okayy then~ im gonna stop here,,see u in the next post,,(who is 'u'?) haha,,pai2,,

n remember,,GENERAL CLEANING ON SATURDAY,,for the WZ class,,haha,,n always keep your cleanliness~~ to prevent H1N1,, BYE now!!

Saturday, 18 April 2009, 07:15

Hey yo!!

okayyy,,here i want to talk bout my oral,,wahhhhhh,,gilaaaa~~~ nervouss wahhh msa tuuuuu~~ like seriouslyy mannnn~~ n i was really stressed~ tapi last2 okayyylahhh but im not suree if i did well in my oral atau indaaa,,hehe,, n masa tuuu g i joined tulisan jawi,,alum g tauuu keputusannya,,maybe on 25th nii kluarr,,hehe,, okayyy,,i dont have much to type hereee but im gonna show u the picturess yg dulu2,,hehe, sowee lahh lmbat masukan gambarr,n oh yeahhhh~~~ we're gonna have our sports day on 2nd may~ ive been prcticing badminton n it was really tiringg~~~ n on monday nii ada bball matchh~~ blue lawan yellow yoo,,im in yellow,, *angkat tangan* haha,,okayyy then i end this post with picturess down here~=)

Monday, 30 March 2009, 22:37


oh my god! oh my god! oral exam is coming,,,,haaaaaa~~~ im scaredd~~ okayy,,cool down najlaaa~~ haha,,oral exam is on this 14th n 15th april~~ huhuhuhu,, cana ni ahh?? *panicking* cana ni,,cana ni??? boh,,boh,,not ready wahhh,,mcam kana tampar usulnyaa oral nda batah g,,its like 2 more weeks,,omg! im freaking out!! okayyyy~~ chill najlaaa~~ haha,,*cooling down* haha,,okayy2,,im gonna need help from teachers n cuzzies,,cuz im not good in malay language,,as in like speaking STANDARD MALAY! n STANDARD ENGLISH! wahhhhhh~~~ okayyy,i'll work hard,, chaiyo!! chaiyo najla! haha,,apaaann,,haha,, okayy,,im out noww~~ =) try to practice my malay and english~ hehe,, xp